Here is Witchypoo. She is the epitome of witch in a raggedy long dress with tatters and embroidery and a fabulous pointed hat. She has a wonderful bouffant bow bustle in the back. And she is promised a good home in Arizona. 😉


Another package has arrived today full of Halloween cheer! Some great spider candle holders, scary cat candy pails and a cool as all heck crow candle. Awesome, no? Courtesy of Pottery Barn. This is the first time I ever got anything from there.

I’ve been telling everyone how my house looks like Halloween threw up in it. (In a good way, of course). I’ll post pictures at some point. I had to put the decorations up last Friday to find out what I was “missing.” Of course, the cats won’t tolerate my cool spider lights, so I still have to figure out where to put them.

Off to work on some more Etsy orders and some treats for my Halloween dinner guests in a couple weeks.