I’ve been quite busy! My Etsy shop has been hopping, which causes me to get to workin’ and MS to go to the post office a lot. :). I even had my first sale to Australia this week. So…it’s delayed the witches a bit…BUT…one witch is almost there. A couple days and she’ll be finished. Here’s a sneak peek.


Her dress is beautifully raggedy. On the back is a long raggedy bow. I have no idea what the rest of her will look like, as I like everything to present itself to me while I’m working. I did make another witch hat that was too big. I’m wondering if I can get Gidget or Georgie to model it for me.

I’m practically falling over with excitement over being able to put up all my Halloween decorations. I got the GREATEST tablecloth! It was pricey, but well worth it. It should last a lifetime. MS keeps making fun of me for buying so many tablecloths and linens. (A new one comes in the mail almost weekly). But HEY! I sell something…I buy something. Fair trade for me!

Tune in soon for the full doll reveal.