At long last, our lamp has arrived and has been installed by MS not without some grumbling and a little ceiling dust. Heehee. Surprisingly, the cats haven’t been pushing it around (though there’s still time for them to figure that out to their delight and our disdain).


Above we see adult Gidget and Georgie attentively watching MS work on the lawn. If I’d had a video camera, I could have captured their synchronized back and forth head motions. Silly kitties!


Lo and behold! Our garlic! So small and delicate. A bulb so wee that it’s about the size of a medium clove. I’ve learned yet another gardening lesson. Once you find a gardening “how to” on the web, find a couple others to compare facts. They don’t always tell the whole story and there may be a better version to learn from with more tips for success. Now, I knew the bulbs wouldn’t get big because I planted them in the spring, but I wasn’t aware that I needed to trim the stalks as they were growing. It promotes growth of the plant and the bulb. So that’s why our stalks withered earlier than expected and our bulbs are baby bulbs. This eHow article and related articles are so much more helpful than the original one I found. No wonder planting in spring isn’t the best time. This article mentions they take 8 to ten months to mature. No time for sadness, though. I will push on and try again in the Fall as recommended and in the meantime harvest my wee bulbs for culinary enjoyment. Not a complete loss. 🙂