My vision for the “cats’ room” is almost there. I finally painted the room yellow. I love it! So cheery! I tried that Behr paint with primer. It only took two coats. Hard to say, but I think I probably would have needed to use three coats otherwise? We sprang for it because we had a gift card to use up, so I figured it was the right time to splurge. MS gets worried when I say I want to paint a room. I think he secretly thinks any time I undertake painting a room that he’s going to have to get involved and he already told me he’s not painting anymore walls. It was the only room in the house that hadn’t been painted. So, now that task is finished. I think I can focus better on other things now that the room is painted. All the rooms were nice warm colors and the last one was all grayed out. This completes the indoor painting for quite a while.

I still just need to find more cool stuff. My lack of space in the apartment caused me to just never buy stuff, so now I can collect more pretty things. Fortunately, since our house is pretty small, I still can’t get too carried away with that. And I really don’t want to live in a jungle of “stuff” anyway. But…we’ll see what happens. I can rotate things like my friend Mahoney does. (Put some things away for a while).


Here’s an update to the kitchen. Yet another almost complete room. It’s good to live with things a while. I finally decided that although we at first thought maybe we’d get an electrician to install a light fixture over the table, a swag lamp would be a better idea. For simply the fact that we have an electrical outlet above the chair rail that sticks out like a sore thumb, basically begging to have something plugged into it. I think it will look nice and will make eating there much nicer. They sent me the wrong lamp and it’s taking FOREVER to get the right one in the mail. I’ll never buy from that place again. I found some great kids food advertising art to put up. Love them! Some day we will add or change them out with fun old photos of fat people eating. (That’s MS’s idea). They are really hard to find. It’s really easy to find terrible pictures of fat people.



And lastly, new designs for Halloween pieces. I’m going to use the new owl and moon for a drum noisemaker. The cat band will be stand up decorations. I hope to have all my new Halloween items in my Etsy shop in the next week or so. I love doing these Halloween characters. It’s fun because they’re supposed to be kinda weird and wonky and it’s a challenge to do that when you’ve been trained to be really accurate when you draw. Drawing wonky takes a little bit of “letting go.” I could go on about this topic forever. It will get me all riled up if I talk about it now.

I found this great website for vintage Halloween items. I heard of them first on Martha Stewart. I can’t wait to buy some of this stuff for the house.