I should really be studied by science. I literally have 12 new mosquito bites today. I must hold the record. I was outside for about an hour total in the garden and wham-o! Instant mosquito bait. FCOL. Thank God they don’t bite faces. Wait–do they ever bite faces? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with one on the face.

At any rate, I managed to stake up the tomato plants. Turns out I found out a month too late that tomato cages you buy at local chains aren’t big enough, so I had to supplement with stakes. Always learning. Here are the newly staked plants ready to climb as high as an elephant’s eye. Well. Maybe as high as a small elephant’s eye. I think if we have a successful crop from our humble first planting that I’ll branch out into the area to the left of the raised beds. See photo below.

See helpful diagram indicating plan for next years expanded planting. :)

See helpful diagram indicating plan for next years expanded planting. 🙂

For novice gardener’s like myself, it’s great to find a website with information about perennials that gives you all the information you could need in one place. This website helps you narrow down your choices by zone, color, care (easy, moderate, etc.), whether you want accent flowers or flowers to attract butterflies or climbers and when you want them to bloom. Really easy information to get. It’s quite daunting to look through huge books and randomly read up on things, so this is awesome. It’s great because I just don’t really want to spend an enormous amount of time figuring that stuff out. Just tell me what I should get and I’ll go get it. Like I’ve said before, I don’t want to be a slave to my garden. Number one: I’m forgetful. Number 2: I’m lazy in some respects. Number 3: I don’t want to lose too much money on this venture. We’re in zone 7. Here’s the site: http://www.perennials.com/

I am also having good luck with people giving us plants. Two friends have graciously offered to share their plants with us. It will definitely help fill in our sparse gardens.

The porch suffered a loss a couple weeks ago. I’m assuming the fat squirrel I caught sneaking around the porch one day is responsible for chewing through the wires of my lanterns. He was smart enough to chew in the one spot that killed both sets of lanterns, so I had to replace both of them. Nice job. I have since replaced them and they look like more fun now anyways. I wanted to add some white in there. They will probably convert to Fall better too. I plan on getting more Autumn-like lights for the Fall. Warmer, cozier. The plan for a sparkly sunny porch is working. I’ve been buying items with sparkle appeal. The vase I found a couple weeks ago is really pretty. On Monday I noticed around 4:30 how pretty the cast spots of light were looking on the walls. Exactly what I wanted – fairy like. 🙂 I finally got a starburst mirror at Target the other day too. They are EXPENSIVE! Anything else is upwards over $100, but the Target version is a “steal” for a third of that. I’ll probably embellish it a little bit. It’s not as ornate as some of the ones I’ve seen around, but it works. The little sconces around the mirror were 99 cent thrift store finds. It gives me great delight to take care of the plants and see the porch from that point of view.


I of course put “blinders” on concerning how the outside of the porch needs a paint job and it’s a little wonky. I think I’ve decided against the mural idea for the porch. I think it might be a little weird since the wall boards have those half-inch gaps between them. I won’t rule it out, though. Just hasn’t “come” to me yet.



And finally, I have an adequate collection of mostly vintage plates on the kitchen wall. It was really difficult finding ones to work together. I think they are a good start. Now I can branch off from the base grouping at my leisure.


I decoupaged the apple plate based off a cute vintage apple design I found. The lettuce leaf (green one) was handmade by someone in 1969 from somewhere in Holland. Signed too. The one with the cherries was cute, but not quite perfect enough, so I painted it some to fit better with the collection. (For one thing, they used to be purple grapes–heehee). And the plate with the pretty flowers painted on it was vintage and faded some, so I just perked up the colors a bit.

Oh happy day!