My table linen collection is growing. I have a pretty good start. I can’t believe I just spent a half an hour this evening ironing them and enjoying taking care of them. Could it get more domestic than that? I could see how terribly dull it would get if domestic duties like that were full time. There’s something zen about ironing them. Not quite the same as ironing a button down shirt. Huge difference. Well, at least for me. I’m very susceptible to the big picture. Ironing a button down is a chore that needs to get done. Ironing a teatowel is making something pretty look its best. Although, if I think about it again, ironing a button down shirt is making me or MS look our best. [Maybe I need to re-think that position]. Ah well. Anyway, this linen is just the best so far. See the lazy husband sitting down on the couch while the hard-working housewife is taking care of the house. Heehee. I thought it was particularly adorable because MS is really the opposite of that guy. I really want to find more like these. The silkscreened ones can be really cool with really fun themes.


Here’s a more traditional towel. Sweet embroidery. Very nicely and cleanly done. It’s so lovely that women took the time to make these to cheer up their surroundings and often tedious lives. I don’t know who the fool was that ever started the rumor that housework was “easy.” If you’ve ever really housecleaned all day, you know how physical it can get. Am I right? As I get older I definitely get really burned up about that chauvinistic attitude.

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