Before view of porch. A reminder of how crappy it really was. Before photo #2. Terrible painted floor in the foreground and nicer porch. After photo. New floor. Curtains. Georgie on new futon.

Simple improvements really seem to go a long way. The new floor totally transformed the room. The curtains add personality and Georgie (one of my cats) provides comfort. Haha. Still haven’t painted the walls, just the trim and built-in. Still considering light yellow, but maybe gray. Gray! Gray would definitely paint in less coats. That’s an incentive. I hope to cover the walls in this room with a bunch of cool prints, images, stuff, etc. All that will come in time with patience. I really want to put some antique silhouettes on the wall. My mom has two – one of my aunt and my mom when they were small – but she’s not sure where they are. I know my favorite antique place has some, so I’ll go there if she can’t find them.

My father-in-law has been sleeping on the new futon you see Georgie sleeping on. He says it’s comfortable. I’m hoping it is and he’s not just being a nice house guest. 🙂 The cats he says are being fairly polite and not walking on him while he’s sleeping. Hope so. But he’s used to kitties bugging him while sleeping anyway.

The roof repairs are almost done, which is great because now we won’t have to replace the deck floor again for years