Okay. I’ve learned my lesson. Never do a before and after that requires sunlight. The “after” photo is still quite different than the “before” photo in lighting. But, you can still witness the magic of mulch. Heheh. Following is a photo of more of the bed to see some of the many rocks we’ve piled up around the house. The more we rake or dig or weed, the more rocks we find. I won’t be surprised if we find fossils at this point. Forgive the gutter thing that juts out on the side.


And below is a photo of our freshly planted vegetable beds with the addition of mulch and bird netting. No more footprints and digging from squirrels and rabbits! Hooray! You can see part of the multitude of ivy. Matt cut back a ton of it. It’s much more in control now. We like ivy, so we don’t want to take it all down. In the middle are some marigolds to deter bunnies (I hear that their smell displeases them). I was pleasantly surprised that you can plant garlic from garlic bulbs. So the last bed is full of garlic bulbs. You only need to plant them 1″ deep and 4″ apart. They are surrounding a zucchini plant. If I had put an eggplant in there and a tomato plant, I’d almost have eggplant parmigiano. 😉


The yard is becoming less chaotic every time we work on it. It’s still pretty wild back there and barren, but all in do time. Baby steps. We think we might try rototilling in September when planting grass is ideal. Worried about the rock situation though.