Ok. So Karen rightfully complained that I didn’t put an after shot of the rose bush with mulch. I took a shot today, but it didn’t do it justice because the lighting wasn’t the same. I’ll revisit it on a sunnier day.

Since we’re putting floor down in the “cat’s room,” formerly known as the “crap room,” I figure we can put up curtains and all to make it nice. I don’t feel quite like committing to repainting the room right now, so I compromised and painted the trim bright white because I’m putting up bold black and white curtains. I think they will look really cool “framing” the porch doors. Maybe it’s unusual, but I’m also decorating in there keeping in mind that I’d much rather have the room in an airy yellow someday. Just a switcheroo and everything will work with the walls in green or yellow. It will take at least three coats of paint and I just don’t feel like going through that right now. I’d much rather tackle painting the ceiling on the porch first. Although I’m dreading the work and not quite in a hurry to take that on either just yet.



Anyhow, here are the patterns I’m almost finished working on. It’s a set called “Swizzle.” The top set is “Swizzle Stickless” and the bottom set is “Swizzle Sticks.” Each swatch has it’s own name too. I think they would make nice wrapping paper or maybe scrapbooking paper. Even wallpaper. There’s a similar set in the works too, but obviously I have been too busy gardening and painting stuff.

I had an interesting thought today. I had a flashback to when I was pretty young and taking piano lessons. My teacher used to say: “When you make a mistake, I want you to make it loud.” His meaning was, when pressing down on the keys, always press with confidence. Being timid would make me a weak musician.

I just realized that my whole life kind of reflects that sentiment. I’m a bit loud at times, often finding myself making inappropriate comments to the dismay and pleasure of my co-workers. My illustration palette for the most part has always been full of color. Now, when decorating, I’m not afraid to go wild with color even if the same color might nauseate someone else or even myself in a few years. I pursue mostly everything I do with enthusiasm, tenacity and a willingness to fail (and fail I do!!!). And I love strong at the risk of heartache. This boldness and enthusiasm has backfired many many times, but it sure makes for a more interesting existence.

Little did Joe (my piano teacher) know that that statement would affect so many things in my life.