Great weekend! We got so much done in the yard and the porch is “finished.” We spent a lot of time enjoying the fresh air. Here are photos of the porch in the daytime and one night time photo. I had to keep the shutter speed really low to get the shot, so I apologize for the blurriness. The flash was making it all flat and lifeless looking. Soon we’ll stain the floor boards, and someday we hope to get removable screens made and paint the ceiling. We don’t want to paint the ceiling until the roofer looks at the issues that need to be fixed up there. It will be a big pain to paint the ceiling, but we think it will look really great once we do that (I’m thinking a really deep blue). I’ve had the chest of drawers and hutch forever. It will serve us well out there. I’d like to repaint it so it pops out from the wall. And like I think I mentioned previously, I’d like to paint some kind of mural on that same wall too. I have some ideas, but nothing official in mind yet. It’s a little hard to tell in these photos, but that wall is an accent wall. It’s darker and a bit on the teal side. The ledge around the porch is painted in the contrasting color too.

Matt dug up the plants and weeds and roots from most of the raised beds in the back yard today and I planted our first installment of veggies. So exciting! I got a few varieties of tomatoes, red bell peppers, jalapeños, and basil. I want to plant more herbs in the other beds, but Lowe’s didn’t have the greatest selection this morning. I’ll have to see what I can find elsewhere. I weeded and cleared out more leaves from the beds behind the house and I had a magical experience! The power of mulching! Instant beautification! Wow. It really made the rose bush sparkle.


This photo is before the weeding and mulching. The roses just bloomed this weekend. So, I’m totally psyched to mulch the rest of the beds in the back and the front too. I was getting quite discouraged because after all the weeding and clearing out it wasn’t looking that much better, but the mulch did wonders. Baby steps. We still have a LOOONNNNGGG way to go in the yard, but any progress is good progress.

We had a fine meal outside (Veggie and monterey jack crostini with avocado and Chardonnay) and discussed the possibilities out there. And then went for a nice walk around our neighborhood. It’s really pretty around here. There is a lake not too far off and a lot of land that I didn’t even know about. A lot of pretty houses too. I’ll try to remember to take a camera next time to prove that New Jersey isn’t the armpit of the world like so many people – ahem Pennsylvanians – think.

What a great day. What is it about three day weekends that is so awesome?