I’ve always had a strong dislike for painting murals. I don’t know what it is about it. But this one wasn’t so bad. I think it was because there was no major pre-planning or projecting lines or gridding out the design and it wasn’t trying to paint a huge, full scene with acrylic paint. I just did a fun swirly design as I went. Didn’t make one mess-up. The only mess-up I did was the week prior starting out with another pattern. It was a vertical, more rigid design and after I started, I realized that it kind of echoed too many things that were already in the house. I wanted something softer and flowery without being quite so flowery. I’ll be doing some patterns like this for a pattern collection for fabrics/textiles to show maybe at the Licensing Show unofficially this year. I’ve started a few already. They are more complex because I won’t be painting them on a wall. 🙂

The porch deck was fixed this past weekend. We’re really happy about that. I don’t have a picture yet. I seem to only remember to take photos at night (hence the dark and ominous look of the corridor in the photo above). I’m going to paint it this week. Of course, I ran into a little trouble as I pulled a staple out of the ledge and a whole chunk of rotted wood came off. Ants carrying treats spilled out of it. Matt took off the board and will replace it for me. And I figured while he was at it, he might as well remove the god-awful shelving that the previous owners had put up themselves. Just terrible. I’m kicking myself for not having taken more detailed “crappy detail” pictures to show improvements.

Speaking of crappy, we now have to fix the floor in the “crap” room sooner than later, because it tested positive for lead paint. I was exercising in there and noticed that Fatty (Gidget, our cat) was chewing on something which turned out only to be a bit of carpet residue, and then I saw paint chips and it dawned on me that it might be lead-based paint. In retrospect, it’s probably why they put a carpet down in that room (that we tore up). And they’ve been in there for over a month hanging out. I’m sure they’re fine. I’m sure Fatty is too lazy to eat paint chips. She has a thing with not eating things that are difficult to pick up. Georgie Porgie (Monsieur Porjjheee) on the other hand, has a little more patience. We took their litter out of there for now. We feel bad because they just hate closed doors and they really like that room now. The plan is really for their litter to be in the basement, but we don’t want to do that until we cover the asbestos tile down there. There seem to be lot of surface issues in this house. Ah well.

The outdoor table and chairs arrive tomorrow. Matt will have “fun” putting it all together. I think that should be it for putting things together for quite some time for him if all goes well. I bought fun paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling. Always wanted to do that.


They are just like this, but different colors. The ones I bought are cobalt blue, red, orange, yellow and lime green. Fun!

I’m thinking I’m even going to do a mural on the porch too on an accent wall. But that’s down the road.