Here it is finished. The Rollie Fingers mustache wall hanging. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? A definite keeper for my mustache wall decor collection. Thanks, Nik! Hope you like it!

The expansion of my Etsy product line is taking quite an unexpected turn. Halloween…mustaches…what next? I do have to get started on new Halloween items for the upcoming season. I’m thinking much larger cloth dolls this year, probably similar to the small ones I did last year. We’ll see. But of course, I am intending to make some Halloween dolls…with mustaches. Perhaps with a change of mustaches even? Don’t you think the plural of “mustache” should be something like “mustache-i”? Would sound more intriguing.

And speaking of Halloween…Halloween at our HOUSE! I can spookify the house to my heart’s content and we’ll even have trick-or-treaters. We never really got any at the apartment.

On a side note, my nephew referred to our cats as “Halloween” cats this past Sunday because one is orange and the other is black-ish. Haha.