I got a request to replicate this fabulous mustache for a wall hanging. I’m told this is one Rollie Fingers. The ‘stache IS quite impressive, I must admit. Look at how perfectly round the curls are. Incredible. I imagine he must have used some sort of form to wrap the ends around such as a cannoli form or a cuban cigar. I bet he spent many a good hour making sure it was just so. Shown here is the start of the wall hanging. It’s too soft yet to twirl the curls.

And since I’m on this mustache kick, I also was inspired to create a wall hanging of a mustache from which other items hang. I call it my “Ode on a Mustache.” It’s a visual representation of what I think might be hiding in a mustache from time to time – a bit of toast, a morsel of cheese or a little pickle.


Don’t worry. I’m not limiting myself to mustache art. Just a happy-go-lucky phase I find myself in.