Here I am again wondering what it would be like to walk upon the surface of something. This time it’s the common daisy. Bear in mind, I don’t know how you’d get that high up once your were small. I was never good at climbing the rope in gym class. Although the stems are kind of fuzzy, so I imagine you could get your footing pretty well up the stem–although it would be a terribly exhausting climb. But I digress. Let’s assume I’m parachuted off a tiny plane and plopped onto the pistil somewhere. There at the edge of pistil and stamen, I imagine the climb to the summit to be like traversing an enormous, somewhat rubbery cauliflower head. I think it would be bouncy one you got to the top of the pistil. And check this out: “…The daisy is known as a composite flower because it is actually made up of several smaller flowers. These miniature disk flowers, create a large single flower…” (R. Moore, eHow Editor, http://www.ehow.com/facts_4762170_parts-daisy-flower.html) I think It would be bouncy! AND you’d probably have extra difficulty in the adventure, because you’d have to be careful not to fall into the tiny (which wouldn’t be so tiny if you were real tiny) flowers. You’d be constantly climbing up out of flowers. Boy would it be easy to get lost! How would you keep your bearings about you? And there wouldn’t be a horizon line to direct you so much because the petals would obscure most of your view, so you wouldn’t really be able to see the sun. And what if you were not knowledgeable about the nature of petals and didn’t know you were walking on the surface of a flower? Boy would you be in for a surprise once you got to a certain point on the petal. You’d slide off right to your demise. But what a great slide! Good thing I was wearing a parachute…but–crap!–I would have taken it off by this time. So I’d be dead. Pushing up daisies. The irony.