What a nice weekend it was! The weather was nice after so many days of rain and cloudiness. I puttered in and around the house all day Saturday. Planted a few flowers, pulled a few weeds, spray-painted some candlesticks to give them a new look. My favorite project was finally figuring out a pretty window treatment for the side door. I wanted something minimal. No curtains to hide the window and something sparkly to catch the light in the daytime. I think this works because it ties in the living room and kitchen nicely. A tad more “formal” with the sparkle, and a little kitschy with the poms. I also resigned myself to the fact that the cat babies just can’t handle the fake flower arrangement that was on the piano. Much as I tried to keep them there, I knew the temptation was too much for them, always jumping up and trying to eat the pretty flowers after a nice nap. So, I put them on the entertainment center with the candlesticks, out of reach of little paws. They still look nice against the green wall. We also got the front steps fixed too (the mailman threatened to stop delivering mail until our steps were fixed), so the mailbox is back on the house where it belongs (he “allowed” us to put the mailbox on the railing at the bottom of the steps until they were fixed). Although we do need to buy a new one. It’s not weatherproof and it’s old. Gidget watched Becky’s Dad fix the steps through the storm door almost the entire time. Here’s a picture of her looking out the storm door. Note the terrible linoleum entryway we’d love to have pulled out and tiled. I should have asked Becky’s Dad how much he’d charge to do that when he was over.

Georgie was curious at times too, but not enough to give up too much of his valuable afternoon nap time. We also had the family over for a combined birthday party and some of my relatives who haven’t seen the house yet came over too. Feels more like home the more the people we love visit the house. Corny, but true.

And lookee there. We need to buy a mower. The warm week really sprouted the grass. We think we’re going to get a push mower for the time being since there are so many rocks in the yard.