So many cool fabric patterns available! I did enjoy making patterns when I designed them in the past. Some of these are really cute. I love the rockets! And the owls! Possible kitchen curtain choice? I don’t have any measurements for windows to make curtains, so my hands are tied now. Besides, we’ll have our hands full with painting and refinishing the floors in the meantime.

I don’t plan on making many curtains. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I can take the time anymore, unless I just can’t find anything acceptable! Haha. I also don’t want to just buy anything I can find “for now.” It will be our house, so I want everything to be nice and not something I’ll want to replace later because it’s cheap or free. That was fine for apartment living days – no more! Vicki says her parents bug her about not having curtains in her dining room, but she just hasn’t figured out what she wants in there, so she’s leaving it bare. Good for her! It’s not like she’s changing clothes in there! I’m sure my Mom will scold me if I don’t have curtains up in certain areas too. Let me point out also, that I’m budget oriented, so it’s not like I’m holding out for curtains from Anthropologie…unless they are on sale, of course…oh no…there are some on sale that might work depending on
our paint choices.

But I do think I’ll make a short window treatment for the kitchen through which to look upon the yard. There will be a more particular feel to the kitchen, so I think it’s warranted.

It’s kind of a curse being artistic in some ways. For example, there are so many things we can make by ourselves. This fact invites the common inner turmoil: “Well, why spend the money when I can make this easily or exactly the way I like it?” Terribly taunting situation. We had a conversation about that at lunch a ways back. But I’m sure even DaVinci didn’t make his quilt or sew his own clothes. At least I don’t think so. But, you get my point: How would he have had the time for all his inventions and artwork?

Picking your own personal challenges regarding things you want to make for your home is a better use of your time. Some things are fine just the way you find them. And now with the internet, often it is so much easier locating exactly what you’re looking for, so it’s less likely that you’ll have to compromise and maybe even save time and money.

My Father-in-law (Thanks, Ed!) surprised me with a new Kit-Kat Clock in RED!!!!! The one we used to have was broken. The tail wiggles a little, but the eyes have ceased to move back and forth. I wonder if our real kitties will try to “get” the clock when we put it up? I’m sure they will.


Eh…since I wrote this earlier today…I bought some curtains for the kitchen. They will serve to be a window treatment and also hide the space where a dishwasher would go. My PayPal account rules! I feel like I’m not spending money since it magically goes in when I sell something off Etsy…and then magically goes away when I BUY something off Etsy. Hee hee. And I help save the planet too. Vintage. What more could anyone ask?

On a side note, this sitting correctly thing is terribly difficult. It feels better sometimes, but it is by no means comfortable. It’s like being at your Grandmother’s in the dress, hat, gloves and shiny shoes all day on Easter. I wonder how long until my habits are changed? I hate that I can’t (shouldn’t) sit on the floor! Maybe once I’m all “righted” with physical therapy it will be ok to do so. And how long until sleeping on my back feels normal? Ugh.