I’m thinking the third time’s a charm with blogging. I grew disenchanted with my first blog and started a second, but then got agitated by the limitations of the look of the second blog. There were not enough options for designing the page and there were weird technical glitches when trying to change them. I don’t want to get into designing a custom page because this is supposed to be for fun and the sharing cool things, but I just had to be satisfied with the template. So here’s to WordPress. Hip hip hooray.

New name, new year, new stuff to talk about. In a few weeks we’ll be closing on our first house – and hopefully last – (because honestly it’s been an enormous headache) and I’m excited to start thinking about the positive and the challenges of the lifelong project ahead. MS and I live and work from home and love being home, so I’m ready to build one cozy nest to be in for us and our kitties, Gidget and Georgie (or whom we mostly call Fatty and Porgie).

After almost 11 years of living in an apartment, I’m beside myself to say I can finally PAINT the walls any color I choose. So long drab white, eggshell white, off white, etc.! Except for the studio. White will be good. It will allow light to bounce off the walls.

Here’s my first purchase for the kitchen and a little symbol for me of how to work past the uncertainty and worry and headache of trying to buy a house. Mr. and Mrs. Humpty Dumpty. Fabulous in every way. Vintage and barely a chip on them. I can’t wait to collect more vintage items or vintage inspired items. I like the feel of history in a home. I’m glad our home will be 50 years old too. Not too old to be a nightmare with repairs, but old enough to have history.

Here’s another item I purchased from a fellow Etsian at RetroStitches. Her needlework is just lovely and inspired from vintage work. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more and hoping her store gets real big this year. I just love this too!